Kijani Lion

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Fursuit Name: Kijani Lion
Database ID: 1070
Added: 2008-08-28
Last updated: 2009-09-11
Nb views: 4462
Species: lion
Gender: Male
Built by: The Furducers
Description: Semi-realistic lion suit w/toony eyes
Owner: Kijani   
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Created: 2008-08-21
First appearance:
Cons attended: AFF2009 , RAINF2008 , RAINF2009
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 50
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: balaclava head , moveable jaw , digitigrade
Available for performing: yes
Characteristics: Long-pile body fur, balaclava-style head with moveable jaw. Suit represents the Furducers' first attempt at digitigrade legs. Zippered back.
Notes: Extra clearance in eye area of head for suiter to wear glasses while in suit. Uses "Parker's Perfect" anti-fog solution to prevent fogging with great success.
Suit Journal:
August 21, 2008 - Suit arrives!


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