Manda Panda

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Fursuit Name: Manda Panda
Database ID: 1461
Added: 2009-03-31
Last updated: 2009-03-31
Nb views: 4024
Species: red panda
Gender: Female
Built by: joecifur
Description: Fire colored Red Panda
Owner: MandaPanda   
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Created: 2008-05-22
First appearance: RMFC 2008
Cons attended: FC2009 , RMFC2008
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: balaclava head , moveable jaw
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: Description: Larger ears than a normal red panda and fluffier cheeks. She is fire colored! (play on "FireFox". She is short and FLUFFYY. Her right eye is red and her left eye is blue. She has the power to wield fire and she wears goggles to protect her eyes. (That's why they're commonly seen on her forehead.) She has fur on her paws and feet bottoms like a normal red panda and 5 semi-retractable claws (in character, not on the suit obviously) like a normal red panda. Plantigrade all the time, like a normal red panda. o.o
Notes: Personality traits: Happy and cute. Obsessed with food! Obsessed with video games. She likes fixing problems and helping people out. :D
Accessories: Goggles on her head sometimes. She has a mini inflatable palm tree, flowers, and a grass skirt at FC.

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Fact sheet on red pandas:

On the left in this picture is a "firefox red panda" and on the right is a normal one in the same sort of style, Manda is a firefox red panda (but the character pictured is NOT Manda Panda. This picture is to show the larger ears and puffier cheeks.):
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