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Fursuit Name: GrayStar
Database ID: 2866
Added: 2011-08-26
Last updated: 2011-08-26
Nb views: 723
Species: fox
Gender: Female
Built by:
Description: My new/first fursona.
Owner: GrayStar   
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First appearance:
Cons attended: -
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 0
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types:
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: GrayStar can be shy at first due to her troubled past. She's a huge tomboy, but can be girly at times. She's loyal to her friends and mate (if she had one).
Notes: Before anyone gives me crap about "I saw this on DA and blah blah blah...", I am King-of-Ships. I bought GrayStar. End of story.
Suit Journal:
Not built yet, it would be great if someone would build it for me, but I don't have any money. ;___;


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