Rocket T Coyote

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Fursuit Name: Rocket T Coyote
Database ID: 942
Added: 2008-06-15
Last updated: 2015-05-19
Nb views: 2950
Species: coyote
Gender: Male
Built by: ScarletPelt
Description: Toony Coyote
Owner: Wonder Moose   
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Created: 2008-05-31
First appearance: Alpena, MI CRTC
Cons attended: FCN2009 , FCN2010 , FCN2011 , FCN2012 , FCN2013 , MOTORCITYFC2014
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: yes
Special Types: moveable jaw
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: Large brown/tan cartoon coyote model rocketry expert. Developed from cartoon mascot character and comic strip created for CAP model rocketry program in MI.
Notes: Handpaws by Clockwork Creatures. Tail upgrade also from Clockwork Creatures.
Suit Journal:
First official appearance at Great Lakes Region North CAP Summer Encampment as model rocketry mascot during 12-19 July 08.
Marched in Caro, MI 2008 Pumpkin Festival Parade. Theme was "Pumpkins of The Caribean" so suit was augmented with a sash, belt, a wooden cutlass and wooden dirk. Marched in 31st Annual Saginaw (MI) Pride Christmas Parade. Suit augmented with Santa hat over left ear and carried a large model rocket decorated with a red bow. Marched in 2009 Bay City (MI) Saint Patrick's Day Parade and was featured in the WJRT television broadcast of the event. Also photographed by the local newspaper and the official parade photographer for their album. Carried rocket decorated with a green bow.
Brief appearance at 2009 MI Wing CAP Conference at the model rocketry display. Participated in fursuit games at FCN 2009. Marched in 2010 Bay City (MI) St. Patrick's Day Parade. Appearances throughout FCN 2010. Great Lakes Region CAP Summer Encampment 2010. 2010 Tuscola (MI) County Fair. 2010 Caro Airport Fly-In Candy Drop. Marched in Caro, MI Pumpkin Festival Parade 10/10/10.Bay City, MI 2011 St. Patrick's Day Parade (featured on WJRT TV12). Appearances throughout FCN 2011, including an interlude during the Furry Variety Show and fursuit games. Appearances throughout GLR CAP Summer Encampment week, August 2011, at Alpena, MI Combat Readiness Training Center--Also appears several times in highlights slide show posted on YouTube. 2011 MI Renaissance Festival during Saturday of Highland Fling Weekend and 2011 Bay City (MI) River of Time Festival. Appeared, by invitation at 2011 Caro Airport Fly-Inn for candy drop and prize drawing, also 2011 Caro Pumpkin Festival Parade, in jumpsuit, marching most of the route.
Returned to Bay City St. Pat's Day Parade in khaki jumpsuit for warmest parade of this time of year. Appeared in FCN 2012 Fursuit Parade, Variety Show, and Fursuit Games.
Appeared during Sunday (07-29-12)of NARAM-54, the National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet which was held near Muskegon, MI. Photographed holding an ACME Spitfire model kit by the product designer.
Appeared at candy drop during Caro Airport Fly In on 05 August 12. Random appearances duing Michigan Wing CAP Summer Encampment (11-19 Aug 12). Also during Wings Over Alpena airshow (18 Aug 12)--Making an extended appearance on the flightline to visit the various displays and hang out with the CAP cadets. A big hit with the Disabled American Veterans' B-25 display.
Made 5th appearance in Caro, MI on 07 October 12 for the Pumpkin Festival Parade with the Cass River Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.
Appeared in FCN 2013 fursuit parade only.
First public appearance of 2013 at the Cass City, MI Freedom Festival Parade, 05 July.
Great Lakes Furry Con 2014.


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