The Original Fur Suit Database Membership Agreement


You agree that all information provided to this site is truthful.


Suits that you submit to the site are owned by you.


Just to be redundant; Entering personal or suit information that is not yours will likely result in termination of your account.


You will only enter PG rated information, photos etc.


If you sell a suit to another member, the history, including the journal, creation, modifications, and conventions attended will remain attached to the suit, not modifiable by either the old or new owners.


During your membership you can decide to delete your entries at all time.If you leave membership of the site, the suit data will remain locked by default within the database not modifiable, unless you ask otherwise.


All actions on the site are tracked, tagged with an IP address and logged.


Suit ID's are issued on a first come first served bases. These are fixed to the suit and cannot be changed.



05/24/2006 17:24:23