Joe Wolf v2

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Fursuit Name: Joe Wolf v2
Database ID: 3846
Added: 2013-04-24
Last updated: 2013-12-05
Nb views: 2412
Species: mexican wolf
Gender: Male
Built by: ByCats4Cats
Description: Newer version of Joe Wolf, with three claw scars on the left arm shoulder
Owner: JoeWolf   
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Created: 2012-10-25
First appearance: Midwest Furfest 2012
Cons attended: AC2013 , MFF2012 , MFF2013 , MORPHIC2013 , TFF2012 , TFF2013
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 25
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: 3D eyes
Available for performing: yes
Characteristics: Clean Hair, hand sew scars on muzzle and left shoulder with a star scar on the right of the back.

Kind but serious type of wolf that likes nice people and dances when he's happy and he gets serious when in a LARP. and likes hugs, and loves to play tricks or joke around.
Notes: Nice fit snug inside the head and the body suit is good durable for dancing and etc.

The Sword "Demirunos" was created by the suit owner and later in 2013 the sword was upgraded to level two due to "slained" 264 suiters and bystanders at Texas Furry Fiesta 2013

The tail were bought by Wolfeth Works, and Hand Paws made by MarjoryWarrenne
Suit Journal:
The head came first on October 2012 and the body suit came on February 2013 for the complete appearance for Furry Fiesta 2013.

The suit was wonderful and great! Even wore it around the city and many people love it and took pictures, even the suit considered to be sexy and cute! Thanks Snap-E!


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