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Welcome to the Fursuit Database.

On this site you will find a complete guide to fursuits out there.
Be it their current or past information, for example:
who made them, who owns them, past owners, photos, conventions where the suit was worn...


Owned by dedicated fursuiters and fans, it will always be in capable paws and the information will be stored here for the future.

Latest additions in the database:

Fursuit NameOwnerBuilder(s)Date Added
Cyan GlaciertoothCyan Glaciertoo..CyanGlacie..builder info More Fur Less2022-05-10
Sage ItsukaSage Itsukarottybuilder info Daz Wolf Fursuit2022-04-25
KitKitKitThePand..builder info Lupesuits2022-04-17
Asriel DreemurrAsriel DreemurrGizabuilder info Aheunfursuit2022-04-16
VyvyanVyvyanWhinesbuilder info Whines2022-04-06
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