Useful links and ressources

The main site for fursuit ressources
It hosts the fursuit mailing list and the fursuit faq
with a lot of information about construction and performance
The Livejournal group to talk about fursuit construction.
The main page lists many links to useful ressources.
Make sure to also check the Memories page for more information and tutorials.
The Livejournal group to talk about fursuit performance.
The Livejournal group to find information about Gigs
or to post about what you've done in public.
The Livejournal group to talk about your everyday thoughts on fursuits
Monthly show about fursuits and costumes
Archives of photos and videos containing fursuits and mascots
If you look for references, this is the places to visit.
Archive of animal photos. Good for animal references
The furry encyclopedia
If you are looking for more information on a particular theme or term
this is the place to go.
If there is missing information on something you know, write the article yourself, this is how it works :)
Forum to talk about all the aspect of fursuiting.


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