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Fursuit Name: Rocky
Database ID: 108
Added: 2007-02-28
Last updated: 2007-02-09
Nb views: 1810
Species: dog
Built by: SilverFang
Description: White Siberian Husky
Owner: SwiftFox   
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Created: 2003-07-01
First appearance: Western PA Fall Fur-b-que 2003
Cons attended: AC2004 , AC2005 , MFF2003 , MFF2004 , MFF2005
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: yes
Special Types: mesh head , moveable jaw
Available for performing: yes
Characteristics: Accessories: US Navy Dress Uniform, Hocky Jersey and blue jeans
Suit Journal:
Rocky had his first foray into Masquarades when he performed as a back-up dancer for Bursty Lion at AC2005 where they performed the Numa Numa song. Also that year he performed in several sketches at the Variety Show at Morphicon.


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