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Fursuit Name: Bitzer
Database ID: 122
Added: 2006-10-04
Last updated: 2007-09-30
Nb views: 3144
Species: dingo
Gender: Male
Built by: Lenny Mutt
Description: Bitzer Dingo
Owner: lennymutt   
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Created: 2005-01-30
First appearance: MFM 2005
Cons attended: FWA2006 , FWA2008 , MFM2005 , RCFM2006
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 100
Partial Fursuit: yes
Special Types: mesh head
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: Quite the punky mechnic, this young dingo likes anything that goes fast but he also loves hanging out with his furry friends.

Thought semi-retired, Bitzer is taking it easy at home in hopes he'll return to the convention circuit in better shape than before... he's currently away working on his abs ;)
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