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Fursuit Name: Shiron The Windragon
Database ID: 1309
Added: 2009-01-11
Last updated: 2011-01-29
Nb views: 8126
Species: dragon
Gender: Male
Built by: benzene6
Description: My Shiron the Windragon Costume
Owner: benzene6   
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Created: 2008-12-15
First appearance: HACC for a class project.
Cons attended: AC2010 , AC2011
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 25
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: 3D eyes , foam head , moveable jaw , spandex
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: Shiron is a happy go-lucky Windragon, from the anime Legendz, that likes the feel of the wind blowing against his body. He usually wears the basic armor set.
Notes: This is my first fursuit that I created. I started the project in Feb 2008 and I got this far in Dec of 2008 because of two jobs and going to school full time.
Suit Journal:
01-11-2009 - Working on improving the mouth of my Shiron costume

01-18-2009 - Worked on the eye part to make it viewable for me to see out of the head

01-28-2009 - I'm working on the wings right now. I'm planning on what way I should make the skeleton of the wings and make the foldable wings. I'm looking at videos and my Shiron pictures on how to make the wings. That part is figured out, but the skeleton part isn't.

1-29-09 - I have an idea for the wings. It's going to be using the 5 Diopter style arms that are used for magnifiers with lights that electronic technicians use to look at the mother and daughterboards. I'm going to base the wings around that. so you can see what I'm talking about.

2-13-09 - I worked on my test eyes to see how well the eyes will be and they came out good. I'll be working on the eyes probably on 2-15-09

2-21-09 - I just got Chiffon material to use with my eyes. I also used White-out for the white part of the eye and a blue highlighter for the eye. They are already put into my Shiron head.

2-24-09 - I'm looking for a good material that I can use to create my aviator hat for Shiron. I have to see how much I can get Leather or Leatherette for. Mostly, I'll be getting it from eBay.

3-6-09 - I'll be making the Windragon Commando Armor. I'll be using Royal Blue Spandex for the inner part of the armor and the boots. I'll be posting it on Youtube and here once it's completed. Have the wings idea completely figured out. On Monday, I'll start working on the wings and I might have them completed by the end of the week. I'll be posting them on Youtube and here. I know that a lot people are waiting for me to make the wings for my Shiron costume. Everyone, watch out.

4-1-09 - Redid my gloves for Shiron and I used real leather. The suede gloves that I had was too tight and it kept coming apart. I'm also making the aviator hat with the leather I got from eBay. I'll be posting pictures of me wearing my Shiron costume with my gloves, and hat on.

5-14-09 - I just finished my feet part, the lower part of the Windragon Armor, and the tail part for the armor. I'm working on the upper part of the armor, the second set of gloves, and the waist part of the armor. I should have it done by today.

5-18-09 - Today, I was working on my aviator hat and it came out nice. I have to put the two side pieces on and find goggles for it. I've been getting a lot of things done for my Shiron costume. I'll be posting pictures and videos of me in my Shiron costume with the standard form clothing on and the Windragon Commando armor on. The standard form is 97% completed and the Windragon armor is 95% completed. I'm so ecstatic on working on the costume that I'm almost done with two parts. I'm working on a wing harness for the costume. When I post my pictures here, LiveJournal, and MyFursona and my videos on Youtube, you will see me with wings on me in both videos (The Standard Form video and the Windragon Commando Armor Form video). I know everyone will be so shocked and surprised that I did post more videos on Youtube.

5-22-09 - I just posted my Windragon Commando Armor picture on here, Livejournal and MyFursona, and the video on Youtube at 12:03 am that is 95 % completed. I am very shock that I already have 14 views since I posted it. I'll be working on it some more today and work on my wing harness for my wings when I wear the Standard form.

6-6-09 - I just finished the aviator hat today. It came out perfectly than I expected. I'm almost finished with the shoulder parts of the Windragon Commando Armor. I posted the picture of the aviator hat.

6-9-09 - I just put the shoulder parts on to the upper armor and cut a slit in the front so that I can put the armor on easily. The black line on the picture is where I need to cut out and the yellow line is where I have to add a piece of foam with gold leaf on so that it would be complete.

6-14-09 - I just created the Neck Ring for the Standard Form armor. I just need to get Velcro so that I can make it easier for me to put the neck ring on and take it off.

6-19-09 - I just put a video of me wearing my Standard Armor set that is 99.5% completed on Youtube. If anyone wants to see it, here is the link: Have fun.

6-28-09 - I just added my new updated Windragon Commando Armor video onto Youtube. Go check it out. The armor is 99.5% completed.

7-4-09 - I just updated my neck ring to v2.0. I just posted the picture on here. My version 1 was a little tight around the neck and made my Shiron head look like he's choking. I made it wider and looks a lot better. I have to add the four red rings to it yet to complete it.

7-13-09 - Well, I got some good news to all of the Shiron costume fans, I got the ideas on how to make the wings for both my Shiron and Ranshiin costumes. I thank Swandog on DeviantArt and dankesque on Livejournal Community for the ideas. Once I get paid, I'll be starting on working on the first set of wings for the Standard Armor Set and put a 100% complete video on Youtube for everyone to see. It will be great.

7-24-09 - I just finished my new feet for my Shiron costume. These are version 2.0. These are made when I do a lot of walking. The other pair that I have will be used when I don't do too much walking.

7-28-09 - I've started working on my faux feathers to get ready to build my wings. I'm going to be making X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large faux feathers for the wings. I have at least 25 medium faux feathers made. I have a screenshot here that shows 7 of them next to each other.

8-12-09 - Hello everyone. I just started working on the feathers layout to see how it would look like and I can say that I have impressed myself once again. I have screenshot of the wings (In test stage) with the feathers laid out to see how I would put the feathers on a wing frame. They are now around 60% complered.

8-18-09 - Well, I have some great news. I'm 90% completed on the wings. This is great that I'm almost done with the wings and I'll have a complete Shiron the Windragon Costume to show off. I'll be posting pictures on here, MyFursona, DeviantArt, and FurNation and post the video on Youtube. The pictures and videos will be the Standard Armor set at 100%.

11-26-09 - Started to work on the wings for Shiron. I have a test photo on my DA and FA pages.

12-19-09 - Started to work on Shiron's wings. I posted three pictures that shows you what I started with to what I have so far. These are my non-foldable wings.

12-21-09 - Posted a picture of me wearing my wings that are 50% completed.

1-3-10 - Well, I made a prototype of the wings and it's a success. It works. I'll be making the final version of the wings now. The wings actually fold correctly and spread correctly. I made a large scale version. The wing is 68 inches each. My wing span is going to be around 11.5 Feet.

1-29-10 - I'm working on the secondary feathers and the covert feathers now. I couldn't figure out the covert feathers and when I looked closely to the one picture of a swan, I got it figured out. So soon, I'll the one wing done, then I'll be doing the same thing to the second one.

2-23-10 - Just started working on the second wing. Just put in the line for the wings to open up correctly. Just have to add the fleece onto it and then start working on the secondary feathers. I have an idea on how to start the secondary, thanks to a Yu-Gi-Oh card, Earthbound Immortal - Wiraqocga Rasca.

4-9-10 - Well, the wings are almost done. Just ordered the long-pile fur to cover the skeleton and I have all of the feathers completed that needs to get attached to the wings. The updated updated picture is on here now.

4-23-09 - Just got the feathers onto the frames for the wings. Just need to put the fleece onto the feathers, add the covert feathers (Need more fleece), then add the long-pile fur to the wings to cover the skeleton.

6-19-10 - Great news everyone, Shiron is now 100% completed. I'm sooooooooooooooo happy about it. Next stop, Anthrocon 2010 (My first convention ever). The wings works flawlessly when opening and closing. It's great. Expect to see some pictures on here soon with him.

6-24-10 - Shiron was shown off to the world. I was at Anthrocon 2010 when the final picture was taken.

7-4-10 - I have been starting to upgrade Shiron to Shiron v2.0. I've upgraded his mouth and his eyes to 3D eyes (And they work). Next is the feet that I'm reworking now and then, rework the wings and harness.


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