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Fursuit Name: Crash
Database ID: 1805
Added: 2009-11-15
Last updated: 2009-11-15
Nb views: 1321
Species: husky
Gender: Male
Built by:
Owner: Crash   
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First appearance: Fursuitmeet Groningen
Cons attended: -
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: yes
Special Types: foam head , balaclava head , moveable jaw
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: A husky fursuit made by a pretty unknown builder but she will get more known in the fandom i'm sure of that.
A beautiful suit i think although the tail isn't very curly so that will be replaced for another tail. (i guess)
The head is really small and i really like that. Some people think it's a puppy fursuit but it's not, it's just small and pretty foldable.
Had some tiny damages when it got delivered like very small opening on top of left ear and there was some glue here and there but i camouflaged the glue with a black marker and sewed the opening with a needle and threads.
This Husky likes partying with friends and dancing to rave music but he also appreciates metal. ^_^
Notes: Buy a bigger more curly-wurly tail. ^^
Suit Journal:
Went to:
Furmeet at Groningen.
Abunai which is a animecon at Zwolle.
Plaswijckpark furmeet.


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