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Fursuit Name: Syber
Database ID: 2527
Added: 2011-01-12
Last updated: 2011-01-12
Nb views: 3337
Species: coyote
Gender: Female
Built by: SokiTwoPaw
Owner: SokiTwopaw   
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Created: 2011-01-11
First appearance: FC2011
Cons attended: -
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: 3D eyes
Available for performing: no
Suit Journal:
From a radio-active music hall comes a full-suit commission for Syber!

This suit was probably one of the more confusing to build and some how done for FC. Simple in looks but its rather complected with little nitches here and there that made me think twice while building. Over all she is a little heart breaker and I hope Syber loves her!


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