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Fursuit Name: Wes and Junior
Database ID: 2582
Added: 2011-02-16
Last updated: 2011-02-22
Nb views: 2352
Gender: Male
Built by: Mikey Silva
Description: Junior is Wes' O.A.F. (Service Animal), and serves as his body guard
Owner: stitchfan   
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Created: 2010-11-01
First appearance: "Space" themed Harvest Fest at Evangel University,
Cons attended: MP2011
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 25
Partial Fursuit: yes
Special Types: mesh head
Available for performing: no
Notes: Behind the scenes info:

The puppet now known as Wes was originally conceived as a supporting character to be used in my capstone college film. That project was shelved in exchange for a different one. Thus, his being incomplete for over a year. The techno-fursuit "Junior" character was created only recently for the sole purpose of facilitate better themed Walkabout puppetry. I designed Wes' mouth for expression as a ("Kermit" style) hand puppet. The slot for my hand is behind his hips and covers up to my elbow. The O.A.F. has a false arm that hugs around his waist for an improved illusion (Similar technique I used for Jak & Erik).

- Wes (Puppet)
Eyes = Painted Ping-Pong Balls
Fur = Wal-Mart Remnant/scraps
Skeleton = Wire/Plastic scraps
Mouth = Craft Foam
Nose/pawpads = faux leather upholstery fabric
Liner = Scrap cotton fabric
Communicator = Headphone case, LED assembly, Shoe-lace, scrap wire/plastic
+Pro Puppet Rod

-Junior (Costume)
Helmet Base = Plastic Canvas, Craft Foam, Scrap Wire/Headphones, Paints, LED Assembly, Goggles
Armor = Upholstery Foam, Craft Foam, spare straps, paint
Gun/Holster = CYMA toy Luger, toy Scope, plastic canvas and scrap fabric, paint
Tail/Gloves = Scrap fur, scrap plush claws, bike gloves, upholstery faux leather, shoe laces, paint
+Knee Pads
+Thermal Shirt/Pants/Balaclava
+Cargo Shorts
+Black Shoes/socks
Suit Journal:
Chapter 1: "Space" themed Harvest Fest at EU 2010
Wes and Junior were widely popular at this event, interacting with hundreds of other attendees. They even made it into a video covering the event later played for the entire University.

Chapter 2: VisionCon 2011
Wes and Junior were a massive HIT!
I've never had that many people request photographs in a single day for any reason (Let alone in less than a couple hours). During that short performance interacting with hundreds of guests, Wes and Junior got 2 hugs, 5+ scratches, 2 kisses, got sniffed by a real dog and a fursuiter, was asked to pose for at least a dozen pictures, made 3 fans, and cracked more jokes and got more laughs than I can count. Adding it all up, it was the best costuming/performing experience I've had to date!


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