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Fursuit Name: SteelJaw
Database ID: 2782
Added: 2011-07-03
Last updated: 2012-10-27
Nb views: 3380
Species: hyena
Gender: Female
Built by: Laken SteelJaw
Description: A realistic Spotted Hyena full-suit with muscle padding, digitigrade legs, resin-base head and airbrished markings.
Owner: Laken   
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Created: 2011-08-01
First appearance: Further Confusion 2012
Cons attended: AC2012 , AC2013 , FC2012 , OKLA2012 , RMFC2012
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 0
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: moveable jaw , digitigrade
Available for performing: yes
Characteristics: SteelJaw is a proud female Spotted Hyena, which means she's a dominant personality. She can be somewhat frightening, but overall is a curious creature who wouldn't hurt anyone.
Notes: SteelJaw is a full suit with some muscle padding, digitigrade legs, resin head, airbrushed markings, glass taxidermy eyes, taxidermy jawset, resin claws and urethane rubber pawpads. Her tail contains wefted Kanekalon for realism, and much of the body, arms and legs were shaved to give many different fur lengths.
Suit Journal:
04/01/2011 - Plans were made and sketches started for the construction of a hyena suit. Through the planning months the gender was changed from male to female, and the character was altered several times. Serious construction on the head didn't start until May, with bits and pieces coming together in the weeks that followed. At this time all of the cast parts save for the jawset have been made into silicon molds, and the head and half of the claws cast into the final resin plastic. The jawset in in construction, the head is underway, and the pawpads will be cast sometime around July 4th.

12/23/2011 - Progress has not got as smoothly as I had hoped with this suit. While I managed to get the padding, body, feet, hands and tail mostly complete, the head had to be completely scrapped. I attempted a coat-hanger wire and plastic canvas head for RMFC 2011, but even that was a flop. I resculpted, molded and casted an entirely new head for the project. While many of the issues with the original were fixed (jawset now fits, mask properly re-enforced around the hinges) there are sill issues. I'm not completely happy with the new sculpt or the way the head is turning out, but I'm trudging on. The suit is now to the point of painting, all the sewing, trimming and furring complete. I'm worried about the shaving and trimming, as it seems choppy to me. I'm hoping that after markings and proper brushing, it will even out. If not, more trimmer practice and another shot at it. At the rate I'm progressing, she should be complete in time for FC 2012. Airbrushing will be done this weekend, and final bugs and details worked out over the next few weeks.

1/1/2012 - SteelJaw was officially completed. While the suit was 99% complete on 12/31/2011 (my borthday), the final details were put into place the next day.

1/12/2012 - After a 33 hour train trip (and nearly missing the train) SteelJaw arrived at Further Confusion 2012 in San Jose. She made her debut on Thursday night, and while I had only planned on suiting a short while to test for problems, I ended up wandering the con for 3 hours! Only issues were some minor glue problems on the feet paws, easily remedied. There was even some dancing at the first dance of the convention.

1/12/2012-1/15/2012 - Further Confusion 2012

1/14/2012 - SteelJaw was entered into the FC 2012 Masquerade in the Novice Class. She won the "Artistic Achievement" award!

1/28/2012 - Plans are started to complete a set of lightweight armor for SteelJaw. Her overall theme is going for "Tribal Steam" with a mix of natural and industrial artifacts.

4/21/2012 - SteelJaw made an appearance at Denver's local sci-fi con, StarFest. She won 2nd place in Fantasy/Literature division of the costume contest. Her skull necklace had just been rebuilt, and is a cleaner, more finished design from the original.

6/14-17/2012 - SteelJaw made it to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA! This was both the suit and maker's first time to the convention. SteelJaw made many appearances around the con, and walked in the parade with 1,043 other fursuits! A marvelous time was had. For this con SteelJaw was seen sporting a leather belt with a pouch and other items adorning it. The prop fit well, and will most likely end up a regular part of her character/costume.

8/10-12/2012 - SteelJaw made it to Rocky Mountain Fur Con in her home town of Denver, Colorado. She was in the fursuit parade and made an appearance at the dances. She was most often seen with her good friend Kopano the African Wild Dog.

9/23/2012 - Some minor repairs and improvements were made to SteelJaw. Padding was removed from the back of the head to thin the neck for a more natural, less rounded look. Elastic was added to the midsection and chest of the body suit to help slim the fit. The belt was modified to add a loin cloth and a piece of zebra hide. A new pouch was also added.

10/18-21/2012 - SteelJaw made an appearance at Oklacon X.


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