Aaron Raccoon

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Fursuit Name: Aaron Raccoon
Database ID: 34
Added: 2006-09-10
Last updated: 2007-08-16
Nb views: 16360
Species: raccoon
Gender: Male
Built by: Aaron Williams
Description: First fursuit I built.
Owner: AaronRaccoon   
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Created: 2006-01-18
First appearance: Further Confusion 2006
Cons attended: CACE2006 , FC2004 , FC2005 , FC2006 , FC2007 , MFF2006
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 0
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: one piece+head
Available for performing: yes
Characteristics: A grey raccoon fursuit. First fursuit I built. This suit has been superceded for Ryu Raccoon, who shares the same bodysuit and hand paws.
Notes: This is my first fursuit. While there are many things I like about it, the head clearly needs work. Rather than fix my existing head, I am building a new one which in turn will be a new character. I am happy with the bodysuit and the hand paws. I also want to rebuild the hind paws since the toes do not show up and they look like big black fuzzy slippers right now.

The head is constructed around plastic mesh and foam. While the jaw was designed to move, it does not work very well. The eyes are made from sunglasses and have a problem of fogging up at times.

I can perform with this suit, but I think I will be far more comfortable when I finish my new head.

I have two sets of feet, one set that I build which are for indoor use only unless I wear special sandals, and another pair of outdoor feet I had commissioned.
Suit Journal:
I have worn this suit to several events, including the Mountain View parade, FC picnic and camping trip and a few bowling sessions and have had a blast with it. I am rather self conscious though and realize that the head looks pretty bad, in that it's rather mishapen with mismatching ears (which are also the wrong shape).

For my new head, I am using different construction techniques in that instead of mesh I used kydex, a type of heat-moldable plastic, which is held together using aluminum pop rivets. Over this is foam. Hopefully the jaw in this head will work a lot better. It already is a lot more comfortable than my mesh head.

As of MFF 2006, Aaron Raccoon has been retired and replaced with Ryu Raccoon. Only the bodysuit and hand paws remain from Aaron Raccoon in Ryu.


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