Soki McCann Twopaw v4

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Fursuit Name: Soki McCann Twopaw v4
Database ID: 3448
Added: 2012-08-30
Last updated: 2012-08-30
Nb views: 1552
Species: coyote
Gender: Male
Built by: SokiTwoPaw
Owner: SokiTwopaw   
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Created: 2012-08-28
First appearance:
Cons attended: RAINF2012
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 25
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: 3D eyes
Available for performing: no
Suit Journal:

Yup! Its been a long time coming and STP has not been around in about 3 years but he's back in black... and white! The body/hands/feet/tail have been sitting for over a year and was finished to originally debut at RF2012 but as that went south FC2013 will have to be the big presentation for him!!! Maybe earlier!

The new suit features all of the up-to-date upgrades and parts.

-Fully sewn in head liners
-Fully sewn in body liners
-Coated elastic hand paw, foot paw and neck ringlets
-Updated foot geometry to make it easier to walk with foot paw pads
-Lightened foot paws! One point five pounds a piece!
-Lightened leg padding! Drops three to five pounds per suit!
-Lightened head construction! Heads weigh in at a feather weight 1.2lbs! 'Thats lighter than a DOT approved helmet!'
-Revamped claws to make them even harder to break and dislodge
-Fully removable internal liner system for easy washing and care
-Adjustable internal elastic to prevent body stretch as wearing occurs
-Mesh zippered vented areas under the arms, back of legs, neck and back that allow heat to escape without being seen
-Inner room key pocket that is impervious to magnets or sweat. No more zapped room keys!
-Inner pockets for personal belongings
-Optional inner water bladder and interior head cooling via venturi effect air channeling 'No fans, no batteries, no hassle'

Total suit weight?

I am very excited to have a new personal suit again. Its been a long time coming. :D



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