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Fursuit Name: Amma
Database ID: 3986
Added: 2013-07-29
Last updated: 2013-07-29
Nb views: 869
Species: dragon
Gender: Male
Built by: FritzKangaroo
Description: Dragon/Tiger hybrid. Large ears,
Owner: Fritz_Kangaroo   
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Created: 2013-07-14
First appearance:
Cons attended: -
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: yes
Special Types: 3D eyes , foam head
Available for performing: yes
Characteristics: Long cat like tail. Very cheerful, sometimes he squeaks, sometimes he talks like a person. His paw pads are lime green.
Notes: He is NOT a bunny. I worked on this suit from May of 2012 to July of 2013.
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