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Fursuit Name: Mavwolf
Database ID: 4147
Added: 2013-12-24
Last updated: 2013-12-24
Nb views: 1166
Species: dragon , wolf
Gender: Male
Built by: ByCats4Cats
Description: Fire Dragon and Black Wolf
Owner: Mavwolf   
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Created: 2013-11-21
First appearance: MFF 2013
Cons attended: FWA2014
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: foam head
Available for performing: yes
Characteristics: Black wolf fur primary on the body with crimson red chest and belly scales the run the length of the body. The red scales contunie underneath from tail base to tail tip. Uniquie body markings on the suit are in white fur and consist of a white punisher skull on the back of the suit which has been called the "Punishfur" A white star of life worn proudly on the left arm made for the suits owner who is an EMT. 4 white horizontal claw marks on the thighs of each leg being drug from from to rear of suit.
The journey of this suit started over a year ago when I made myself a promise that I would get a full fursuit once I had hit a goal, that goal was meet and shattered. After an astounding weight loss journey that I had I treated myself with this awesome creation and debuted it at MFF 2013. Upon opening the box my jaw dropped at how beautiful he...I was. I could not be happier if I tried with this suit, I feel complete now and hope to bring smiles and joy to others while wearing it.
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