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Fursuit Name: Pintra
Database ID: 4407
Added: 2014-08-29
Last updated: 2015-05-11
Nb views: 1838
Species: cat
Gender: Male
Built by: 8am-costumes , Kishowolf , More Fur Less
Description: Space junk cloaked to look like a grey and orange cat. Freckles on face, orange bands on large ears and tail, and a variety of greys
Owner: Pintra   
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Created: 2011-00-00
First appearance: Anthrocon 2015
Cons attended: AC2015
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 100
Partial Fursuit: yes
Special Types: 3D eyes , foam head
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: Name: Pintra, but you can call me Niten or Middy if preferred
Gender: None, but I go by they/them or he/him pronouns
Likes: Legos, space, shiny objects, warm sunbeams, naps
Dislikes: Water, hot temperatures, vegetables, creepy crawlies
Personality: A bit reserved, awkward, quiet, yet can be brash and bold. Often snarky and sassy, loves bad puns. Kinda lazy too
Notes: Made by MoreFurLess
--Follow-Me Eyes
--Nose: PVC/Plush
--Tongue: Short
--Magnetized Eyelids
--Adjustable Eyebrows
--Exchangable Tongues

Made by me
--Belt Loops
--Roughly 12" long

Tail #2
--Foam based
--Belt Loops
--About 6' Long

Feet Paws:
--4 Toed Footpaws



Custom Red Acrylic Square Frame Glasses
Suit Journal:
March ??th, 2014: Commission discussed, quote given
July 7th, 2014: Down payment sent
July 7th, 2014: Slot set
December 8th, 2014: Second payment sent ($445/$845)
February ??th, 2015: Second payment sent ($645/$845)
February 23th, 2015: Final payment sent($845/$845)
March ??th, 2015: $150 for added handpaws sent
May ??th, 2015: Completion


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