Aurora the Wolf

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Fursuit Name: Aurora the Wolf
Database ID: 4806
Added: 2016-08-28
Last updated: 2016-08-28
Nb views: 807
Species: arctic wolf
Gender: Female
Built by: Magic Foxy Artworks
Description: Chubby Arctic Wolf
Owner: pudgeyredfox   
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Created: 2016-07-25
First appearance: Furpocalypse 2016
Cons attended: -
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: fiberglass head , moveable jaw
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: Aurora the Wolf is a big arctic wolf who loves to give big wolfy hugs :3
Notes: Built with a resin head blank, mouth, teeth, pawpads, and claws from Dreamvision Creations. Everything else assembled by myself, including the Kimono robes.
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