Octavia Melody

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Fursuit Name: Octavia Melody
Database ID: 4856
Added: 2017-02-16
Last updated: 2019-08-11
Nb views: 1688
Species: pony
Gender: Female
Built by: LemonBrat
Description: Background pony from the My Little Pony cartoon.
Owner: GreyPon3   
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Created: 2017-04-01
First appearance: AC2016
Cons attended: AC2019
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: digitigrade
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: Has grey fur, black mane and tail, violet eyes and treble clef cutiemarks.
Notes: Suit was designed to have camelback canteen concealed inside suit. No fan in head. Feb 2017: Receiving new hoof soles, restyling mane, cutiemark correction.
Suit Journal:
Received Octavia at AC2016. Went to: BronyCon2016, TrotCon2016, FurReality2016. OhayoCon2017. BronyCon 2017, TrotCon 2017, AnthrOhio 2017, AC 2017, FurReality 2017, MFF 2017. OhayoCon 2018, MCFC 2018, AnthrOhio 2018, TrotCon 2018, AC 2018, BronyCon 2018, IFC 2018, FurReality 2018, WWFC 2018, MFF 2018. OhayoCon 2019, MCFC 2019, TrotCon 2019, AnthrOhio 2019, AC 2019, BronyCon 2019 (Last).


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