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Fursuit Name: laissez
Database ID: 4928
Added: 2017-11-02
Last updated: 2017-11-02
Nb views: 912
Species: ferret
Gender: Male
Built by: amenophis
Description: Black and white ferret with programmable LEDs
Owner: amenophis   
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Created: 2015-08-01
First appearance: Burning Man 2015
Cons attended: BIGLITTLEFC2015 , BIGLITTLEFC2016 , FC2016 , FC2017 , MFF2015 , PACIFIC ANTHRO2015 , PACIFIC ANTHRO2016
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 100
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: 3D eyes , foam head , balaclava head
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: Head base was designed by my friend Yama, then shaped to a toony ferret with simple curves.

* Main fur is monkey shag (less dense but about 4" long) making it less hot than regular suits.
* The head short hair is 1" plush

This suit is made for guerrilla suiting, aka handle rough conditions, dancing and putting on a show:

* Feet are just covers for hiking shoes
* Eyes are removable (replace with goggles)
* Head fur, eyes, nose are removable to wash and to access electronics (buttons, velcro and bra clips)
* Head lighting is a few hundred LEDs, fiber optic whiskers, with an arduino controller and a 2A/5W USB power bank

I am not happy with my current goggles so I'll be working on the next pair of shades.

Notes: Originally the plan was to make a bunny since Yama makes the best ones, but I decided for a rare species instead, and in the end the wiggly nature of ferrets is a perfect vector for the energy that I bring to this suit during events and raves.

This suit is my first real build, it has sparked unsolicited commission requests, so i've built a small community of Electric Fursuit makers on Telegram.

I bring my suits to adventures, not just conventions and meets, in particular to get unusual photo ops.
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