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Fursuit Name: Pit
Database ID: 5170
Added: 2022-11-20
Last updated: 2022-11-20
Nb views: 210
Species: dog
Gender: Male
Built by: cullahfool
Description: A white dog with pink and yellow highlights, black hair and turquoise eyes.
Owner: Pit   
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Created: 2021-03-03
First appearance: IFC2021
Cons attended: INDYFC2022 , MFF2022
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 100
Partial Fursuit: yes
Special Types: foam head
Available for performing: yes
Characteristics: Tricolor
Notes: This suit was not at IndyFC 2022, but it was at IndyFC 2021. (The option for IFC 2021 was not available.)
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