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Fursuit Name: Moondog
Database ID: 958
Added: 2008-06-30
Last updated: 2015-04-19
Nb views: 4418
Species: dog
Gender: Female
Built by: Tigris The Lynx
Description: 1980's punk white scottish terrier
Owner: Tigris   
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Created: 2008-06-25
First appearance: AC 2008
Cons attended: AC2008
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: 3D eyes , foam head
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: Often mistaken for the westie fursuits, she is actually a WHITE scottish terrier that has a few black stray hairs on her back and a big black heart-shape on her ear tip. She's a pup from the 1980's an dresses the part. Sometimes she's a sleek and sexy lady, other times she's a puppy that's full of energy and fun!
Notes: Also has movable jaw, white hair (wig), bewbs, purple claws, violet hair streaks, sky blue eyeshadow, vibrant green eyes, big purple-to-green hoop earrings, and black lace bows on her straight ear and tail. Her clothing, however, changes from con to con. She owns two costumes; a Hawaiian hula girl and a sparkly witch covered in cobwebs.
Suit Journal:
Attended Cons: AnthroCon 2008, FA:United 2008, FurFright 2008

Moon's Outstanding Accomplishments:
= Two skits in Masquerade at AnthroCon 2008 ("Underdog" and "We're Not Gonna Take It")
= Won 2ed place metal at AnthroCon's 2008 Fursuit Olympics

PLANNED CONS: "In 2009, I'll ROCK ON at AnthroCon! Catch ya there!"


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