Kenny Kitsune

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Fursuit Name: Kenny Kitsune
Database ID: 985
Added: 2008-07-17
Last updated: 2011-08-05
Nb views: 7014
Species: kitsune
Gender: Male
Built by: SpottyFox Productions
Description: red fox with up to four tails
Owner: tailsjedi   
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Created: 2008-07-16
First appearance: Starfleet Region 3 Conference 2008, Waco, TX
Cons attended: AC2009 , ESG2009 , ESG2010 , MFF2010 , MFM2010 , MFM2011 , MP2011 , RAINF2008 , TFF2009 , TFF2010 , TFF2011
Cons planned: -
Toonyness: 75
Partial Fursuit: no
Special Types: foam head
Available for performing: no
Characteristics: A very happy, cheerful, and playful foxy!
Notes: Working on getting accessories for him, such as diapers, binkies, and Starfleet uniforms (the top, at least)
Suit Journal:
First got the suit in my hot lil paws on 16 July 2008. Tried it on the for the first time to check the fit.

Kenny's first appearance was at the Starfleet Regional Conference in Waco, TX on 20 July 2008. Except for one kid who told me he doesn't like foxes :_(, everyone loved him!

Kenny's first furry appearance was at RainFurrest 2008 in Seattle, Washington! Got to be in my first fursuit parade! Yaaay! Kenny wore the bath towel 'superhero' cape!

Kenny's second furry appearance was Texas Furry Fiesta 2009 in Addison (North Dallas), Texas! Helped set two records - one of the 540+ attendies and 100+ fursuiters at a "baby con"! Kenny wore a denim vest with a sheriff's star and jean shorts with a large State of Texas belt buckle! He carried a 'pop gun' (twisty balloon shotgun) and a mylar horse balloon tied to the back of the vest.

Kenny's next appearance was Elliot's Spring Gathering 2009, 29-31 May 2009 in Orlando, Florida. A nice, quaint gathering. Not as "busy" as a regular con, which was nice! Got to goto an amusement park to ride some rides, and saw a live performance of Avenue Q!

Kenny's next appearance was AC 2009! OMG!!! That place was huge!!! And only four days to see everyone there... Kinda felt like when you went to Disneyland, and you only have 3 days to see all the attractions...

Kenny's next appearance was a return visit to Texas Furry Fiesta 2010! This time, he wore two different outfits! To be punny, he wore a pair of deely-bobbers, a Dallas Coyboy jersey, and carried an inflatable football (the pun was he was a Space Cowboy, which was the con's theme). For the parade, he returned as the sheriff foxy, but this time, he pulled along he new faithful stead, a 6' tall inflatable foxy named Kari, with a blue nylon rope bridal!

Kenny then returned to Elliot's Spring Gathering 2010 in Orlando! Kenny was outfitted with a pair of swimming trunks and carried a large beachball!

Kenny's next appearance was at Mephit Fur Meet 2010 in Olive Grove, MS, which is a new location for the con. Sheriff Kenny and Kari proudly trotted through the parade route, with some assistance from a con staff member. Afterwards, he roamed the halls and helped keep the peace.

Kenny's next appearance was at Midwest Fur Fest 2010 in Chicago! Kenny wore a soot suit jacket, and shared his love of jazz with an inflatable pink sax!

Kenny's next appearance was Texas Furry Fiesta 2011! Although the con theme was Disco Infurno, Kenny returned as the lil superhero foxy, with the bath towel cape, and bounced around a giant red balloon!

Kenny's next appearance was Elliot's Spring Gathering 2011! Kenny wore his swimming trunks and brought his giant red balloon!

Kenny's next appearance was Megaplex 2011 in Orlando, FL! Going with the con theme Retro Arcade, Kenny had two balloons tied to his tail for a rendition of the game Balloon Fight!


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